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The Full Story

About the NHPG Wood Kiln Project

The present kiln has endured thirteen years of hard use. It was built with bricks donated by
Rudy Hauk, moved and rebuilt twice with volunteer labor provided by guild members. One
wall is bulging, the arch is sagging, and unpredictable and uneven heat zones are causing

glaze problems and safety issues. We are hoping to limp through one more season of 5 - 6
firings, Summer 2023. We need a larger and safer kiln!
Recognizing this need, guild members have designed a new kiln, kiln shed addition and wood
shed. We have gathered donated bricks, poured a foundation for the new kiln and prepared
posts for the shed with hemlock trunks harvested on site.
Property owner Al Jaeger has taken steps to ensure that the kiln site will be available to NHPG
going into the future while the rest of the property will be under conservation. The beautiful
and peaceful site contributes immeasurably to the experience of wood-firing.

NHPG 2023 woodkiln project 3.jpg

What we are doing

Volunteer Opportunities for the wood Kiln Construction

It’s been quite a year for the NHPG community and community

kiln!  Over a series of 4 workdays beginning in April, guild

members and friends gathered to build and raise posts and

trusses for the kiln shed addition, working around and

sometimes in the rain.  The camaraderie was wonderful!

 Everyone learned a lot.  And as Al mentioned, no one has more

delicious potlucks than potters. Many thanks to all!


We’re inviting you to participate in one more workday August 26.  With a good crowd, we can finishing putting purlins up and attach the metal roofing. Not only that we can build a woodshed to keep the wood dry and save Al from going out in the snow to put the storm-blown tarps back on. And we could even cut and stack wood for future firings!  
August 26 work day   sign up here 

Pictures for the Wood Kiln Project build 

The Foundation

April 22. 2023 Pictures

Our Grateful Thank you to 

All those who have volunteered their time effort and money to our vision of creating a new community Wood fired kiln.

Support the NHPG Kiln effort and help build community.

The NHPG Kiln is a tool that helps build a community while being a valuable tool for potters
and students of pottery. A new, larger kiln will allow us to grow the community. A larger
community can offer wood-firing and other clay workshops to more people in the future.

Donate here

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