Lee Ustinich is a clay artist based in the Lakes Region of NH. She holds a BFA in Crafts/Ceramics, from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts. Lee was working in graphic art, but found clay to be more conducive to her creative inclinations.


Lee continued on at VCU to earn a Master’s degree in Allied Health. She worked in public sector treatment of addictive disease/behavioral health in Virginia and New Hampshire.


After retiring from state service, Lee set up a small studio and returned to working in clay. She prefers porcelain, accentuating its heft and opacity, rather than the translucency and thinness common to objects made of porcelain.

Lee uses commercial clay bodies and glazes, firing at approx. 2230°F in an electric kiln. Her ceramic pieces are distinctive, featuring stylistically rough and free-form attributes, while designed for functional home and office use.

Lee Ustinich

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