Rudy Houk Scholarship


The mission of the New Hampshire Potters Guild is to support the continued exploration of ceramic concerns by its members and to promote public awareness of ceramic arts and tradition. Its goals are to encourage inquiry into standards of ethics, aesthetics, and craftsmanship, to exchange ideas and methods, to encourage students, and to collaborate in professional work and exhibition. To build toward the achievement of the first three goals NHPG has established a Scholarship Fund in memory of Rudy Houk to provide supplementary financial assistance to Guild members engaged in the study of pottery and clay sculpture and to assist students and emerging clay artists and potters in furthering their studies. The Scholarship Program of the New Hampshire Potters Guild is administered by the Guild Scholarship Committee with review by the Guild Board.



Any NH Potters’ Guild member is eligible to receive a Potters’ Guild Scholarship. There are no requirements for length of membership. The application process is competitive. This means that at any given scholarship round, all applicants are weighed against each other to determine the best one (or ones) to receive scholarships. Eligible educational activities are: workshops, courses, seminars, conferences, or other activities designed to:

  • Meet the challenges of a career as a professional potter or clay sculptor

  • Develop a personal interest in a clay discipline

  • Improve personal understanding of a pottery-related topic such as design or aesthetics

  • Advance a skill or learn a new pottery/sculpture technique

  • Enhance individual creativity


Application Deadlines

There are two scholarships granted annually, with deadlines of February 1 and August 1. Applications for scholarships must be received no later than the deadline. Applications are sent to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson’s physical or email address, as specified on the Guild web page. The committee will review all applications that have been received by the deadline, and applicants will be informed of the Committee’s decision by mail or email within one month after the application deadline. (March 1 and September 1). Payment of scholarships will be made at the time that the applicants are informed. 


How to Apply

Print and complete the Application Form (or complete digitally) and mail or email it, along with supporting materials to the NH Potters’ Guild Chair: 

Andy Hampton  22 Hillview Drive, Chichester, NH 03258

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