Ocotber 3-5, Kiln Firing

      The next OPEN NHPG Community Kiln firing is planned to begin on Thursday October 3.  This firing's coordinator is Don Williams

     To sign up contact Don via email:



    Read What to Expect When Firing the NHPG Community Kiln before signing up. 

     Remember, you must be a member of the NHPG in order to participate.  Please visit the Membership page to join. 

Schedule for remaining 2019 

June 7-9,  (closed) Andy Hampton/Hanover League class

July 15-17, (closed) - Lydia Grey, Wendy Jackson

October3-5 (open) - contact Don Williams at dwclayworks@gmail.com


Please contact coordinator of open firings to sign up.  Other firings, both open and closed, may be scheduled with the approval of the Kiln Committee

Work Day!

We have wood preparation work days throughout the year.  Please stay tuned for dates and information.  We rely on everyone's help prepare for firings.  Thanks in advance for your help!


The 2019 Summer Work Day

that was scheduled for Saturday, June 8 has been postponed.  It will be rescheduled for later in the summer.  Stay tuned for updates... 

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