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Born in New Hampshire, Bonnie attended Bauder College in Miami, Florida during the 1970's where she studied Interior Design. After working in the design field for 30 years she returned to school  attending New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH. and attained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in ceramic arts. Bonnie concentrates her work on smoke firing, a primitive firing technique which dates back thousands of years.


“I was drawn to this technique for a couple of reasons; first, it forces you to surrender control to the process. Second, because most of my inspiration is driven by life events and observations (much of which I have or had little or no control of) this technique felt very honest and authentic to my work.”


Much of Bonnie’s work explores beauty and serenity where it intersects between purity and imperfection, elegant and crude and chaos and calm. She works with the clay and the process to create pieces that bridge that fine line. Her work is hand built using a variety of clays and materials depending the object she is creating. She often includes gold leaf in her sculptural work which depicts the beauty that hides amongst the imperfection, amid the chaos and at times alongside the crude.


Bonnie works out of her studio in Bedford, New Hamsphire where she continues to explore and create.

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