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Read What to Expect When Firing The NHPG Kiln first.


2022 is an exciting year for the NHPG Community.   The NH Potters Guild is pleased to announce open firings for guild members in the old kiln.  Fundraising for the new kiln continues.  Work begins on the new kiln starting with a kiln shed addition and woodshed. We invite guild members, friends and family members to join us!


May 6-8 Open firing

May 7 Community Work Day - open to all!

June 3-5 Open firing

September 8-10 Open firing

September 17 Kiln-opening fundraiser with Kelley Stelling / Contemporary

​October 6-8 Open firing

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Open firings have space available for 8-10 guild members.   Any firing is subject to cancellation if there are drought conditions, not enough dry wood, not enough people signed up or not enough work to fill the kiln.


If necessary at any event, COVID-19 protocols will be followed, including distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitization.    

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