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The NHPG wood-fired kiln at Al Jaeger's picturesque property in Deerfield, NH has been a cooperative and collaborative affair since it was moved and rebuilt for the second time by guild members in 2009. (A brief History of the Kiln)

Potters of all ages and levels of experience have come together starting in 2010 to learn and teach about firing through doing all the tasks associated with wood-firing - from preparing the wood, loading, taking shifts around the clock, note-taking, unloading, cleaning shelves and repairing. Students from UNH, League of NH Craftsmen classes and others have wood-fired here for the first time, many coming back to try it again. NHPG members have rented the kiln to fire their work. Along the way, many stories have been told, food shared and friends made. 



Drawing of proposed kiln by Belinda Bodnar, 2020

The kiln is now showing its age and has reached the point where it no longer makes sense to keep repairing it. It has become too small for the demands made on it. It is time for a new one!


Please consider supporting this unique cooperative venture!

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