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NHPG Bylaws


New Hampshire Potters’ Guild Bylaws



ARTICLE I              NAME











1. 1. Name

The name of this organization shall be The New Hampshire Potters’ Guild.

It shall be a non-profit organization.




2. 1. Mission

The New Hampshire Potters’ Guild is open to all clay artists in the state.  Organized as a non-profit in 1995, the guild provides a community for potters to share their work, tools, and creative process.  It also strives to provide educational opportunities for the state’s school age children to experience working with clay. 


2. 1.1 Purpose

Its purpose shall be to get together in the interest of ceramics whenever necessary or desirable for:

a) Fellowship and good times

b) Exchange of ideas and methods

c) Collaboration in work and exhibition

d) Encouragement to students

e) Promoting standards of ethics, aesthetics, and craftsmanship




3. 1. Eligibility

Any person who subscribes to the purpose of this organization shall be eligible for membership upon payment of annual dues.


3. 2. Dues

Dues or change in dues shall be proposed by the Board of Directors but must be voted upon by the General Membership for acceptance at the Annual Meeting.




4. 1. Number, Manner of Selection, and Term of Office

The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of the Guild and no more than six members appointed by the Chairman. The officers shall serve for a term of two years, or until their successors have been elected. Officers may run for a second term.  


4.2. The terms of office of the appointed directors shall be one year and shall expire at the conclusion of the next Annual Meeting. Board appointees may be added at any time, based on need. Members appointed to the Board of Directors shall serve, in part, in support of the officers, by conducting tasks associated with the duties of the office.


4. 3. Vacancies

Any vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors by the reason of resignation, unresolved absence, or death of an officer may be filled, until the next Annual Meeting, by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board of Directors. In the case of an unresolved absence, the board shall declare the position vacant.


4. 4. Powers and Duties

The Board of Directors shall have full charge of the property and business of the organization, with full power and authority to manage and conduct same, subject to the instructions of the General Membership. It shall plan and direct the work necessary to carry out the programs of the Guild.


4. 5. Meetings

There shall be at least one four regular meetings of the Board of Directors annually in order to facilitate the planning for the Guild. Each member of the board is expected to be present at no less than three regular meetings of the board. 




5. 1. Enumeration and Election of Officers

The officers of The New Hampshire Potters’ Guild shall be a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman and Recording Secretary shall be elected on odd-number years and the Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected on even-numbered years. 


5. 2. The Chairman

The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Board of Directors. The Chairman may, in the absence or disability of the Treasurer, sign or endorse checks, drafts, and notes. The Chairman shall have such usual powers of supervision and management, as may pertain to the office of the Chairman and perform such other duties as may be designated by the Board.


5.2.1. The Chairman has primary responsibility for the NHPG Internet presence and activities, in collaboration with the Vice-Chairman.


5. 3. The Vice-Chairman

The Vice-Chairman shall, in the event of absence, disability, or death of the Chairman, possess all the powers and perform all the duties of that office. The Vice-Chairman shall perform other such duties as the Chairman and Board may designate.


5. 4. The Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Guild and of the Board of Directors and shall perform other such functions as may be designated by the Board. The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for notifying the membership of all meetings, workshops, and special events, and for such other functions as may be incident to the office.


5.4.1. The Secretary shall assure that minutes, newsletters, announcements, and other records are dated, labeled and saved electronically in the master file. The Secretary shall update member lists, contact lists, and mailing lists at least once each year.


5. 5. The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall collect and receive all moneys due and be the custodial of these moneys. The Treasurer shall present an annual report at the Annual Meeting.


5.5.1 The Treasurer shall maintain electronic financial records in the master file. The Treasurer participates in completing and updating the Membership roster based on information received with applications and payment of dues or fees.




6. 1 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of The New Hampshire Potters’ Guild shall commence on the first day of January each year.


6. 2. Dues

Annual dues shall be payable January first. Dues are not pro-rated, though people may join at any time during the year. Any member who fails to pay the dues within one year after they become payable shall be dropped from the membership rolls. 


6.2.1.  Members from the previous year who have not paid their dues by March 30th are removed from current membership, including the website list, bios and links. 


6.2.2. The board may set a deadline for the receipt of dues preceding signing up for member-only events such as exhibitions, kiln firings or other activities as determined.


6.2.3. While membership dues support member benefits, some activities may carry fees and advance deposits, in addition to the dues.


6. 3. Membership Meetings


Time, place, and number of membership meetings shall be determined by the Board of Directors.


6. 4. Annual Meeting

An annual meeting shall be held between January 1 and March 31, the exact date to be determined by the Board of Directors. The Annual Meeting shall elect officers and transact other business as may properly come before it.


6. 5. Rules

The meetings shall be conducted by a simplified version of Robert’s Rules of Order. The Guild shall provide members with a handout outlining the key procedures for group discussions and voting.  


6. 6. Call of Meetings

The Chairman or any five members may call a meeting but no policy for the organization may be made without a quorum present.


7. Quorum

Ten percent of the General Membership shall constitute a quorum at all meetings of the NH Potter’s Guild. No policy may be made, elections held, or amendments to the Bylaws be voted upon unless a quorum is present. 

(Note: as worded, this does not allow for a majority of “members present” to constitute a quorum for voting. This should be resolved and corrected. Attention should be paid to the effect of the ratio when something like the biennial may escalate the membership dramatically /lu)




7. 1. Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman and two members who shall not be members of the Board and shall be elected at the Annual Meeting. (my italics) (Note: this language is confusing—does it mean select the 2 members at the Annual Meeting of the year before the election? /lu) Nominations for these offices shall be made by the current Nominating Committee. Suggestions for nominations for officers may be sent to this committee by any voting member. The Nominating Committee shall meet not more than three months, or less than one month, before the Annual Meeting, for the purpose of drawing up a slate.


7. 2 Report of the Nominating Committee and Nominations from the Floor

The report of the Nominating Committee shall be sent to all members two weeks before the date of the Annual Meeting. The report shall include a brief introduction of the nominee for each office. Nominees may write their own identifying description. (Note: this would be: 5 sentences-who they are, where they live, how they work with clay/firing, & what they might bring to the board. /lu) The report of the Nominating Committee shall be presented to the Annual Meeting. Immediately following the presentation of this report, nominations may be made from the floor by any voting member, provided the consent of the nominee shall have been secured. Nominations from the floor of members who not listed in the report shall provide for 1 minute for the nominee to introduce him/her self. 


7. 3. Elections

A majority vote of those present shall constitute an election. (Note: this should be consistent with the rule for a quorum, which needs review for better wording and consideration of the effect of a periodically inflated membership count, or a bylaw should be added to grant an exception to the quorum as currently established. /lu)




8. 1. Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the voting members present at any Membership Meeting, provided the amendments were submitted to the membership in writing at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. (Note: a two week notice to amend or revise the bylaws by a vote of those present is probably insufficient-perhaps consider 30 days/lu) 


8.2.  Revision

These bylaws may be revised in full by a two-thirds vote of the membership, provided the revision draft was submitted to the membership for comments at least thirty days prior to finalizing the document and presenting it for a vote. This vote may be taken electronically, to be tallied two weeks after sending out the document. 


8.3. Minor editing and updating determined necessary by the Board of Directors shall not constitute the need for amendments or a revision. The updated version shall be provided to the members upon completion.  Any challenge to the editing shall be placed on the next meeting agenda for discussion and resolution. (Note: this means things like adding links to the document, fixing cumbersome wording etc. does not require membership permission/voting, unless someone brings a challenge. The update would just be posted on the website, not sent out. /lu)

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