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Pamela Nowell


Artist Statement


I am interested in how earth, water, air, and fire bring a sense of sacredness through beauty into our everyday life. I use the medium of clay to do this. I find it marries my love of color and texture with form and function.

I create my ceramic work by starting with wheel and hand building techniques. I then follow by altering the form and often adding texture. I find there are common elements that I use again and again such as adding spirals and braiding to the form. They reflect my desire to incorporate an element of sacred imagery into everyday objects. I finish these works with a varied use of glazes, slips and firing techniques. This brings each piece to life and gives them a voice of their own.

I have been inspired by many experiences and potters along my 37 years as a working artist. Some who have stood out are Steven Hill with his use of sensuous forms and delicious drippy matt glazes. Brother Thomas’ who has influenced me with his deep rich colored glazes applied to his deceptively simple forms. I am inspired by his humble roots and his love and dedication to the craft. I am also moved by our stunning earth and how it informs us as it changes and transforms its plethora of visual beauty. Finally, I love how fire makes all that I work together.

 I envision my work being incorporated into ones someone’s life giving it a little more sacred beauty in everyday living!

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