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John Baymore is a full-time ceramist with over 48 years’ experience, New Hampshire Institute of Art faculty member since 1995, and former President of the Potters Council of the American Ceramic Society.  John has taught at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston University, and the Danforth Museum School. He was designated Visiting Professor at the Wuxi Institute of Arts and Technology in Yixing, China for 2013-2016.  


John has presented at venues including numerous N.C.E.C.A. conferences and internationally at I.S.C.A.E.E. symposiums in Japan, China, and England, at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, the MunGyong, Korea Macsabal Festival, the Yixing Ceramic Arts Festival in China, the International Academy of Ceramics General Assembly in Dublin, Ireland, and the World Tea Culture Symposium in Chong Qing, China.


His work is included in multiple museum collections in Japan, South Korea, and China and been included in group and solo exhibitions in the United States, Belgium, China, England, Greece, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

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